Heart Coherence

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Part 5

Merely by moving or shifting your attention to the region or area of your heart will begin the transformational process of establishing coherence between your heart and prefrontal cortex. This will bring a stunning difference in how you perceive your thoughts and extended environment. Say to yourself in a soft, kind, gentle and warm, tender inner voice: “heart consciousness, heart consciousness”. Integrate this into your daily interactions with others as well as your general thoughts and environmental perceptions. By making this a practice, an expanse of elegant splendor and grandeur of symmetry shall emerge as your experience within and as nature. Heart consciousness cultivates our ground of compassion. By engaging a practice of coherence consciousness, we are participating in actively adding more heart-coherent love, care, and compassion into our planetary vibrational field. We also come into the vital realization that we exist as individual humans energetically interwoven with (and within) one another and our planet. This unfolds an ever growing aspect of an enlightened collective consciousness. We can then utilize this interconnectivity to raise our personal vibration, thereby participating significantly in the understanding of a non-separated interdependent holistic approach to the possibility of a sustainable future. Perhaps this shall emerge a yet unknown and unseen set of instincts within the mechanisms of human reactiveness that will provide and advance humans in a collectively beneficial fashion. 

As a critical if not urgent consideration, the necessity for these developmental processes dwells within coming into a deeper awareness that we are of and inhabit our one beautiful home planet, Gaia - Earth. This is our time as a human metamorphosis into an intelligence of a species unfolding and existing as the essence of the creative process of wisdom and insight. As a metaphorical butterfly, we hold the capacity to spring forth knowing one another as we see and feel ourselves, and having the expanse of mind which ushers us into collective awareness of our (now measurable) planetary resonant vibrational field.  

It is our wish and vision as a A Passage Into Heart, that this expanse of consciousness shall in short time breed a fundamental personal inquiry into the very nature of what we are as pure consciousness void of the comings and goings of thought and emotion. 

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