Heart Coherence

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Part 4

Pertaining to our vibratory state within A Passage Into Heart and creating coherence within ourselves, as we are void of thought, coherence begins to emerge on a physiological level as an outcome of the mind within consciousness entering an alpha/theta state. New research is revealing how this can be achieved in each and every one of us. I know this to be true because I have devoted myself to a practice of meditation for over 25 years. As we direct our awareness (as consciousness) in its pure non-thought state into our hearts, we inherently induce an alpha state of brain wave activity. Upon expanding into this stillness of inner quiet and dissolved thought, awareness morphs or emerges into a deeper stillness as theta state of 4 to 8 Hz. This is an extremely peaceful state opening wonderful and beautiful possibility for the realization or reflection of one’s existence. Here is where it gets a bit loop de doo. But hang with me! The ride is so worth it! This (essence of you) pure consciousness experiences itself as a state of boundlessness. A knowingness of ubiquity very often emerges. For me, this is where it really gets glorious because ubiquity conveys ever-present, pervasive, all-over, everywhere, universal. This plot is going to really, really thicken when we take a look at what is being discovered as the interconnectedness of the inner workings of the proton. And we are all made of protons ! Are you starting to get the picture? When I came into having some of my first realizations of this and actually having experiences of this, all I can tell you is that I lifted into a state of ecstasy. It was so beyond what I ever thought imaginable. Here I am actually and authentically experiencing a boundless oneness with and as and within everything. I mean EVERYTHING! What an immense feeling it was. Pure joy. Happy stuff here !! 

These experiences leave me thinking that when my mind exists to this degree of clarity, we can come to see distinctly and undoubtedly that there is choice to be made in terms of thoughts as the content of our mind, and hence how we perceive our reality. And it is our thoughts dwelling in and as our mind that leads to aspects of what we believe exists as truths. As thoughts arise and dissolve, so do beliefs. As beliefs arise and dissolve, so is the coming and going of truths. 

Journeying within A Passage Into Heart, we are seeking to awaken our awareness of heart consciousness as well as shifting our own electromagnetic activity to the prefrontal cortex of our brain.  The prefrontal cortex is the frontal lobe that is highly developed in humans and its role is part of the regulation of complex cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. This shifting of electromagnetic activity within our brain re-establishes the prefrontal “feeling body” connection with our heart. Through heart-centered meditative awareness we emanate an 8 Hz heart and 8 Hz to 4 Hz low alpha/theta brainwave.  It is the development of this communication circuit that shifts human consciousness beyond its oldest evolutionary aspect of our brain which enacts systems of fight, flight, and freeze responses. Often referred to as the reptilian brain, this construct enables and processes behaviors and responses of aggression. 

Over tens of thousands of years as our human development, the emergence of our brain’s prefrontal cortex has brought us our abilities for complex discernment, enabling and offering greater evolved potentiality for higher states of reasoning. Research within Neuroscience also shows that the prefrontal cortex is instrumental in memory processing which is key for this discernment and capability and capacity to reason.  I also personally love the work being done that is revealing clear and present possibility that memory as we know it, is not necessarily a storage bank within the brain. The term that is very often used for this is non-local. We will get into this in much more depth in other aspects of our Grief To Relief - A Passage Into Heart program. Just the mere notion of the non-locality idea has brought so many beautiful enhancements to my life.  It is directly related to how I live as an interconnected being with people, our pets, animals of all kinds in general, and all the life giving wisdom residing within the majestic tapestry of our natural environment of plants, flowers, trees, soil, air, clouds, atmosphere, our home planet in totality, sun, solar system and beyond! 

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