Heart Coherence

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Part 3

To explain, define or characterize heart coherence without speaking of our known Universe’s electromagnetic spectrum would leave A Passage Into Heart as having only one side of a two sided object or a shadow without light. The two are inextricable in an underlining and fundamental way. Vibration is at the essence of both. 

We live in and of what is defined as the electromagnetic spectrum. This is a vast resonant field extended in vibration far beyond all that we as humans experience within our five senses. Electromagnetic energy exists and travels in the form of waves. When discussing light and the electromagnetic spectrum, a wave is a disturbance or disruption within what we refer to as space. The disruption emerges from particles known as photons being emitted from our magnificent, life-sustaining star, the Sun. As our visible light travels at a speed of 186,291 miles per minute ( that is 3,104.85 miles per second! ), its photons vibrate in a motion perpendicular to the path they are traveling creating a wave. The span of time between each successive trough and crest of a wave is called its length or wavelength. These wavelengths create a vibration revealing a frequency. 

The electromagnetic spectrum spans a broad range including very long radio waves (slower vibration but still very fast from our perspective) to very short gamma rays. (very, very fast vibration ! ) In terms of existing within this spectrum, the human eye detects only a small portion called visible light. Immediately surrounding our visible light is infrared radiation which we feel as heat and ultraviolet radiation. Longer infrared radiation for example is used in lamps that we see keeping food warm in some fast food type restaurants. Shorter infrared waves are not hot at all. In fact they cannot be felt. These shorter wavelengths are the ones used by your TV's remote control. Ultraviolet radiation has its modern applications in tanning booths, halogen and florescent lights and some types of lasers. A radio for instance detects a different portion of this spectrum, and an x-ray machine uses yet another portion. Also within our defined electromagnetic spectrum, is now commonly harnessed microwaves and gamma waves. Again, this all comes to be in the form of vibration or frequencies. 

Within our world of vibration also exists sound, although at much, much lower frequencies than light. The sound waves we are experiencing within heart brain coherence are vibrating substantially below what our brain processes as audible. These low frequencies have a very specific function for stimulating heart brain coherence. Brainwaves shift and vary based on our state of consciousness. 

For a Passage Into Heart, we are focusing on the states of consciousness known as alpha, beta, theta and delta. These are important within our journey as a Passage Into Heart because they define the frequencies that are the electrical activity of our brain. Just as with our discussing the higher vibrational light spectrum, so is with sound. Sonically, frequency is the number of cycles that a vibrating object completes in 1 second. As with our wave description, a complete cycle of vibration occurs when an object moves from one extreme position to the other extreme (its trough and peak) and back again. 

Here is where our low frequency waves play their part as alpha, beta, theta and delta - In your normal awakened state of alertness, brain electrical activity is defined as beta state which is 14 to 30 Hz. “Hz” stands for Hertz which is a unit of frequency. In terms of sound, 14 Hz is a VERY slow movement and VERY low pitch. When you are conscious and relaxed, it is the alpha state of frequency which is 9 to 13 Hz. When in deep relaxation and meditation (including mental imagery) you are experiencing theta state, 4 to 8 Hz. And when in delta state vibrating at 1 to 3 Hz, you are in   deep, dreamless sleep. 

Heart/brain coherence is present when heart and brain frequencies synchronize. This synchronization creates a coherent wave pattern which in turn, emanates a resonant field. The very nature of this vibrational domain brings us into a type of information field that is the nonphysical subtle, information based intelligence of the heart. This is the most cutting edge exploration of esoteric journeys generating data that is being produced by forward thinking scientists in the fields of epigenetics, neurocardiology, neuroscience and quantum physics. It is also having its place in studies within Deep Ecology. Looking beyond our modern world of science, this coherent field of heart brain entrainment has been the cornerstone of eastern spiritual practices and the esoteric mysticism of our predominant western religions. The primary focus of the most adept gurus of India live in a continual practice of inducing this state of heart brain coherence. This coherence is the physical, vibrational mechanism acting as catalyst for the inner terrain of mind experiencing its ground of consciousness: pure consciousness. 

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