Heart Coherence

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Part 2

As we step into our journey of experiencing pure consciousness, we move toward the emergence of our physiological state called heart brain coherence. As I sit in my practice of quieting my mind, a state of stillness arises. What is continually being discovered within a scientific analytical realm is the affect this produces within the subtle dialogue between our heart, brain, neurological system, cellular structure, and all that we perceive as our “outer” world. We are being shown by way of a voyage into self discovery, that within the world of quantum physics, interconnectedness and interdependence of all that exists is our species’ next aspect of evolution. And it appears as though this is occurring at an ever increasing rate of people coming into this awareness. Heart brain coherence is surely taking root and producing an evolutionary expanse as our collective intellect. 

Heart brain coherence is a mechanism of nature’s feedback system. This system is the interdependent relationship of Earth’s magnetic vibrational field and the subtle nature of all that resides within the energy field of our heart. A larger aspect of this feedback system is a carrier of biologically and essential information connecting all living systems. Our current understanding which is evolving at a very rapid pace is telling us by way of Earth System Science(Gaia Theory) that collective human consciousness affects our planetary information field. This field of information is fed back reflectively in and of every living entity. The system is constant and changes itself as how all needs to adapt to the current state of information being shared. An extremely sensitive if not near unfathomable back and forth as a mirror facing a mirror. As we move into depths of coming to experience this awareness as consciousness, these subtle realms begin to appear to us in clear vision as the essence of synergies. I really like the word synergy because it means the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. This is exactly what is happening as the feedback loop of Earth and all that exists in and of Earth. This includes us and every aspect of us. 

For me, in terms of first understanding this idea of heart brain coherence, begins with intellect considered to be related to "facts”, reasoning, and understanding objectively especially with regard to abstract or academic matters. In contrast, although intelligence has been defined in many different ways and includes one's capacity for logic, understanding, learning, planning and problem solving, intelligence is steeped in feelings stemming from insight and wisdom. As our story unfolds, it will be seen that as one embraces the inner subtle workings of intelligence, there will be an even farther reaching giant leap of its relationship within telepathic and clairvoyant mechanisms. The focus, study and practice I am inviting you to delve into here is the aspect of intelligence that is your self-awareness, emotional insight, knowledge and creativity. Our general encapsulation would be: Intellect = facts, and intelligence = feelings/insights. Once again, a general encapsulation. 

The nature of intelligence within this journey is of mind and all its dynamically interactive, feedback-looping measurable and non-measurable aspects of thought. As we leap further into these depths, we find ourselves coming into much richer awarenesses of compassion, attentiveness, appreciation, gratitude, and a nurturing nature of kindness. These are states of mind generated by way of a subtle, exquisitely elegant intelligence of our heart. This intelligence is a stunning and self-radiant mechanism. It is a measurable resonant vibrational field extending out from and substantially beyond our body. Again, it is characterized by compassion, empathy, gratitude and appreciation. And one of our primary focuses for accessing heart intelligence is the state and practice of attentiveness. I have found that so much goodness comes from the simplicity of exercising attentiveness. 

As we approach life from a sustained state of heart consciousness and maintain our greatest efforts to be in continual awareness of the thoughts that are being generated by the intelligence of the heart, we can then choose our responses to life more lovingly and truthfully. The heart is the seat of evolved intelligence that contains the knowledge of our higher purpose as humans. 

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