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We are JoAnn Bruhn and Rahjta Ren, co-founders and creators of this accessible and uniquely organized program. From Grief To Relief - A Passage Into Heart has been created by way of our real life experiences and passion for all that we believe is so very needed within our society and culture. Our program is inspired content and we know within our hearts that its varied and extensive aspects possess the capability to bring those that engage this journey to places of wondrous compassion and depths of our very nature as human beings. 

Our objective has been to weave a flow of conceptual relationships of which all parts are interrelated and support one another in elegant and unbounded ways. It is you the explorer that chooses your comfort level at any time or point within the progression of your journey through From Grief To Relief - A Passage Into Heart. As discoveries and inspirations emerge, your needs, desires or aspects of any outcome within From Grief To Relief - A Passage Into Heart are brought forth. 

We have designed an approach to our content that eloquently spans simple story telling, colorful philosophical musings, meticulously chosen references and online links to exquisite clinical data, pragmatic yet inspiring “who is doing what” within cutting edge fields of mind and energy - to the eclectic notions of time, space and consciousness. All as a vast blending and fusing of a harmonizing resource. 

Our focus is on maintaining a lightness of being and infusing lighthearted fun and humor at times for descriptive purposes. Our lightness of being is crucially important, as the very nature of where this journey may go holds possibility of transiting into realms within our known electromagnetic spectrum existing beyond that which we see and hear. Our intent is one of compassionate loving support for the explorer on this precious journey of From Grief To Relief - A Passage Into Heart. Not only to arrive at experiencing sustained relief, but to emerge unto a life of knowing an inner soft and quiet joy resonating within one’s heart. It is the beauty of this realization that unfolds and emerges YOU as the inseparable simultaneous inner healer coming to know your passage into heart and hence, breathing relief!  

With so much gratitude ! 

- JoAnn & Rahjta