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The Primordial Grief

The Primordial Grief resides within our collective subconscious. 

It is because of this that we are unaware of its presence.

There is an aspect of ourselves that for most, exists undetected. 

The discovery of this essential

ever-present and pervasive “inner nature”, 

arouses a state of awe! 

There are two fundamental components of this phenomenon. The first, we all live a reality within our day to day thoughts. This includes our emotions and tactile full sensory experiences. We are unaware that there is something else that is essentially crucial to our existence. The second component of which we are unaware, is our generally unseen, non-experienced state of pure consciousness - pure presence of Being. 

This is the unadulterated, unchanging, unbound essence of perceiving or saying “I” prior to any addition to “I”.  It is I Am as a statement unto itself. This presence of Being exists prior to any and all thoughts, emotions as well as tactile and all more subtle sensory experiences. The most spectacular thing is that as we rest in dissolving thought and emotion, we can then enter into awareness of this pure presence as consciousness.

The primordial grief emerges as a mechanism when we remove ourselves from our day to day experience. It is when we rest as stillness and inner quiet. As we come to know your perceptions of self and all of self’s notions of creating self’s identity, we then move closer into recognition of this unidentified trauma. This trauma is what spawns The Primordial Grief. This is extremely subtle, yet has such potent power dictating our entire scope of collective emotion and psychological well-being. We have simply not been taught the awareness of our most fundamental state of being: “I”, as its purest state of consciousness without anything else attached. And because of this, we are all suffering whether known or unknown!

Our day to day thoughts, emotions and all sensory experiences to which we are referring are: physical appearance, age,  religion, job, money, house, car, desired material things, children, parents, education, wardrobe, vacations, any and everything to do with personal reality and existence, lifestyle, etc.  Within our worlds of misappropriated and misunderstood “I”, this essential state of consciousness mistakingly and erroneously identifies and projects itself as collections of ideas that it is not. As your essence, you are none of these identifiable things.

How do we know something is missing if we have not been informed of its nature or presence as existence? Perhaps it might be like explaining water to a fish, or the existence of an atmosphere to a planetary, reasoning being who has no awareness or knowledge of that which is an atmosphere of his own planet. He breathes automatically not necessarily ever thinking of what is doing the breathing. 

The absence of this most important awareness is in reflective relationship to our collective subconscious primordial grief. This unidentified and hence unacknowledged hidden trauma is responsible for a contracted state of consciousness which is playing out as confusion. We are existing in and as a state of not having a clarity that our stories are nothing but stories. Stories that have created such a complexity of reality as day to day living that there is an obscuration of this pure form presence that is the unadulterated experience of “I”.  Pure consciousness is ubiquitously present, everywhere and pervasive. As with humans, it is of everything that becomes aware of its own existence. 

Pure Consciousness existed when you were a tiny baby and will still be the unchanged sense of presence as “I”, “me”, as you are experiencing being an elderly frail person approaching transition out of this physical domain. And pure consciousness will always exist everywhere in between these bookends of our entire lifespan. This presence of being is always present, no matter what “I” is thinking.

Due to our lack of education as being informed of our essential nature, this awareness has been stolen from us. We have not been taught of our consciousness essence!

Pure consciousness: Being as Presence!  

This Presence as consciousness is prior to thought, or projection of thought onto anybody or any thing. It is a state void of information and representation. It is a state of consciousness is of non-reactive observation of all that is. This exists with no assessment, judgement or projection based on prior information other than the all-pervasive intelligence that knows to do what it does on all levels of existence. It is stillness infinitely prior to stillness. 

We have lost awareness of this state of presence as primordial being, and this profound loss is the trauma. We have individually and collectedly emerged as grieving for that which we are unaware of being absent or “lost”. This is a very precarious way to exist: not being aware of something so fundamentally essential as to what and who we are. This fundamental trauma spawns sorrow as its assorted inner projections: 

  • abuse(verbal/physical) 
  • abandonment 
  • projections of shame 
  • losing healthy esteem 
  • living in/as a victim of inattentiveness 
  • living crucial developmental years within an atmosphere lacking understanding and practice of compassion or empathy 
  • not learning focus 
  • abused and tormented by being fed refined sugar and harmful additives in food 
  • poor overall nutrition 
  • being told threatening stories of superstition creating fears, debasing and devaluing oneself as a living beautiful sentient creature of pure consciousness

We have been taught and programmed to equate thought, emotion, sense/tactile experience and systems and mechanisms of belief with a fundamental nature of who and what we are without knowing of this programming. This is a fallacy and has led to a civilization as cultural, social and personal confusion. Indeed a fallacy as mistaken systems of belief, especially one based on unsound argument and misconception. Making things worse and harder to identify this natural essence that you are, exists the involvement of intentional obfuscation.

Pure Consciousness, as “I AM” is even present. It does not cease even when you are sleeping. All aspects of body’s functions are fully conscious as a mechanism of intelligence. Intelligence that is as its essence, information. And this “information” exists as every unfathomably intrinsic unit and non-unit of existence. The information is the “knowing what to do” as the massively synergistic, interrelated and interdependent functions of body. Take a tree for example — a tree “IS” in Being as a presence of intelligence as information. A tree is being a tree and knows what to do as a tree. This is the state of residing within Pure Consciousness. This does not require awareness as we understand awareness as human beings. This Pure Consciousness is all pervasive, Ubiquitous-  everywhere, all the time. Rest in this and you shall discover things beyond anything you have ever imagined. And there is always in every incalculable moment, no matter what, access to it! 

Gaining Access

The access to this unbound and seemingly infinite vastness of non-time and space, is within the subtle realm of your heart. Your heart as a physiological organ - a pump, is only a tiny aspect of this story. The energy field of your heart is once again what we are referring to. By dropping your awareness from the center point of your forehead(referred to as your third eye) into your heart and maintaining this subtle-form connection, you are gaining access to an infinite domain of information processing, functioning as transduction. 

This is the essence of a visceral experience

that is “detecting” information from a field

of expanded consciousness beyond the concept

of“localized” mind

Begin this transformational process of perception by viewing day to day things from within your heart. This might seem quite obscure to you at first, but once you move into this way of “seeing”, you will be awe-struck. 

This is very simple. When you are outdoors and taking in a view as some aspect of nature, literally direct your awareness of that which you are viewing into your heart. To your amazement, what you will soon discover is that you will have a visceral sense that it is your heart which is perceiving all that is being observed. 

As a culture and larger cross section of a civilization, we have experienced an atrophying of this sense perception. It is gorgeous, stunning and splendid to say the least. By practicing this process and form of perception, not only are you accessing your capacity to enter into a deeper state of palpably experiencing yourself as the sensing, feeling, sentient being that you are, but you will be inherently dissolving the primordial grief. This breath of emancipation is spawned as you come into the vital awareness of your very own deeper state of consciousness and oneness within and as Nature “herself”. 

Pure Consciousness is our source of peace, joy, unbound creativity and ecstasy! 

You can go a step farther with this - 

Begin to embrace the subtle sense of

being aware of that which is

aware of Pure Consciousness.