Part 3: Resonance and Dissociation

Aspects From My Beginning

While very far from being any kind of musical prodigy as a child, I did engage in some unique explorations at the piano holding the sustain pedal and making sounds from playing “cacophonous” clusters of sound. I remember my father sitting and reading the newspaper not really being bothered by the sonic rubs and dissonance. I would ask him if he heard the difference between me having the sustain pedal depressed and not depressed. It meant much to me that he interacted with my questioning and I have a faint memory of being surprised for some reason that his response was in fact hearing a difference in the sound. It is so interesting to me, because in much later years, the resonance of the piano has played such a central role within my life. Resonance and sympathetic vibration as aspects of pitch are a cornerstone of inspiration for the conceptualization of From Grief To Relief - A Passage Into Heart.