Part 15: Primordial Grief

This took a toll leading to my brother and I in yet very different ways, living in dissociation. The dissociation wreaked havoc on me and spiraled into an abyss of depression at a very young age. But here is something so vitally crucial and we will revisit this concept in an integrated way throughout Grief To Relief - A Passage Into Heart. It has been my discovery that depression might very well be so fundamentally misunderstood. Because of this fundamental misunderstanding, depression might have gone astray as aspects within a vast density of medical diagnostics. It has become my contention that so much of depression is actually steeped in what I refer to as “ Primordial Grief”. It is a grief of which we are unaware, exponentially exacerbated by not being aware of that which we are grieving. In other words, the primordial grief lies deep within our collective consciousness and we are in a state of perpetual grieving without being aware of this muted, dampened effect on our measurement of what is determined as emotional(and possibly mental) well-being.