Part 1: My Passage Into Heart

It could be considered that there is no more sacred journey than the journey into one’s heart. It is this boundless domain possessing all possibility of self realization and ultimately living a life experiencing joy. Our Heart holds a different nature of intelligence.  Until its awakening, it is an intelligence resting quietly in a dormant state void of any notion of agenda or outcome. Our heart’s resonance is a home that exists as a perpetual loving welcome. All we need do is focus our innate awareness inward, introduce ourselves to this forgotten domain of our most essential existence, and ease into the emergence of its undisturbed clarity.

As I share this story, I open my heart to you in understandings and insights that have taken many years to embody. It is what I have come to know as the disconnect from our hearts that is the root cause of trials and tribulations spanning the vastness of humanity.  This exists as individual subjective perspective, all and within a collective planetary knowing of interdependence as interconnectedness. Stunningly, each and every one of us has access to this every moment of our lives. Coming into awareness of this is one of life’s greatest and most profound gifts. One’s journey into heart, as a joy-filled playfulness within and as consciousness unfolds a path in which we can experience a breath of Infinity.

Thank you for taking the journey of this story.

My wish is that its voyage inspires an

insight for your very own,

Passage Into Heart.