Part 19: Meditation

By now, possessing a deeply felt sense of the power and goodness of a meditation practice, I devoted myself to this mind of quiet, stillness and clarity striving to sit for an hour at a time. I very quickly increased my meditations to two - three times per day upwards of two hours per sitting. I became very committed in my discipline and felt a devotion towards the practice. I also soon began to see the pragmatic aspect of meditation by how it was stimulating my intellect and bringing forth new intelligence, insights and almost mind boggling ways of processing information.

An expansion of intellect has been shown clinically in many experiments that are readily available for reading and assessing. Numerous very sophisticated technologically based experiments have documented data by way of implementing electroencephalogram (EEG) tests. With the advent of ongoing diagnostic sophistication, now MRIs are being implemented for the study of brain function within meditative states of consciousness. The data reveals stunning shifts of electrical activity in the brain. The expansion of intellect and increase in intelligence is due to a clearing or our minds. As we dissolve thoughts and emotions, there is then “space” so to speak, of clarity. Within this clarity, new and different types of information come to us. I like referring to this as“transmissions”. Meditation opens channels within our expanded self, interconnected on subatomic levels as tapping into “the quantum energy field”. This “field” of non-localized information as intelligence reveals itself as seemingly infinite in nature, as Nature. By way of meditation I began to emerge as a voracious reader, and inherent within this found much joy and satisfaction exploring contemplations on the nature of realities as an essence of this territory.