Part 13: Holistic Healing

The AMA allopathic medical diagnosis and advice that I received was at best, incomplete.  Realizing that even up to that point in my life I had accumulated such valuable information spawning from previous years of investigation and study of so many “alternative” healing modalities, I committed to a path of devoted and disciplined healing. This was by way of just a few essential shifts in my life. The main shift was commitment to what I already knew - stress reduction by way of meditation, a regular schedule of comprehensive physical exercise and intensified discipline within diet. This was(and still is) ramping up whole foods such as huge amounts of dark leafy greens and a wide assortment of other fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats containing omega 3, high quality grains and their proper preparation, fermented foods for healthy balanced gut flora, and superfoods such as gogi berries, AFA blue-green algae, maca, raw cacao, spirulina, hemp based foods, powerful probiotics and various supplements such as turmeric and CoQ10.