Part 17: Following The Indications and Dismantling

 Approximately 5 years after my offers from Larry Fast and about a year prior to my new life in Weehawken, NJ, a Soulful friend of mine invited me to a Soka Gakkai International meeting. He introduced me to chanting “Nam-Myoho-Renge -Kyo”, which is a mantra chanted by practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism. I chanted daily. I am remembering a devotion of twice per day for a many months. That’s when things really started to shift! This led to me dismantling all of my endeavors related to my RCA Records affiliation, including commencing with the lengthy and costly process of ending all trials and tribulations with management and an attorney representing aspects of contractual agreements. One night after a concert, I returned home, sat on my back stoop, looked into the star-filled sky and proclaimed to my expanded self - Its over ! No more !  I dissolved my band. That night and into the next day I stated to all existence that I am requesting (or “need”) a place to rent for $350 per month. At that time I was living a nice life with two vehicles and a very nice apartment that was a wing of an old farmhouse in Far Hills, New Jersey - homes of Jaqueline Kennedy, Mike Tyson and the PGA headquarters of New Jersey. It was a culture of horse country. Entrepreneur and owner of Forbes Magazine Malcolm Forbes resided in Far Hills as well. 
I called the Salvation Army for donating ninety-five percent of my belongings. We scheduled a truck for the pickup. One of the workers asked me in a perplexed way if I was really sure that I wanted to get rid of the silverware I was donating. I said, absolutely. He looked at me in a sort of disbelief and said, “ok”. That was that. All gone. I put my grand piano in storage and in very short time had a place with a $300 rent. All through a network of people that I was beginning to feel as though events and circumstances are emerging as being very auspicious in nature.
My new location brought me into a community of new found friends that were supporters and devout to Tibetan Buddhism in Weehawken NJ. Weehawken at the time was a very old community on the Hudson River across from Times Square in Manhattan.