Part 7: Measuring Up Within Conventional Life

As my disconcertedness within this dystopia grew ever more expansive, my late nights were getting later and later accompanied by enjoying tall cans of Foster’s beer. One night where the weight of measuring myself against society’s definitions of success, providing for one’s self and how my life must look to someone that works a daily routine of a “regular’ life, my self-esteem took a nose dive. Possessing all my insights was not appearing to garner a healthy sense of Self. At least not for me at this time. I was forgetting all that I had been so devotedly committed to and allowed somehow for my mind to tumble into believing I was living a way less than inspired life. I was not seeing a fit and was beginning to sense a knowing that my time in Weehawken on Liberty Place was coming to a close.

On this particular late night hanging out flipping around TV channels, a high energy infomercial appeared. It was Tony Robbins’ latest greatest program, Unleash The Power Within. A number of years earlier I had enthusiastically participated in his previous program, Unlimited Power as well as attending a live seminar culminating into his famed firewalk. I had previously had experiences with shifting physiology, but walking over red hot coals opened my eyes in a new way. These encounters helped me greatly in moving through the treacherous waters of navigating career management and RCA Records. As I sat watching the entire infomercial I acknowledged that something had to change for me in a very dramatic way. I said out loud: “I must do this - I am going to do this”. The marketing was all about committing to re-designing your life. With the relentless male TV post infomercial voice of reason talking away at 3:00am, I took out my credit card, picked up the phone and ordered Unleash The Power Within. I made a Soul commitment to dramatically transform my life.