Part 5: Mandala At The World Trade Center, NYC

After about 2 years living in Weehawken, a close friend of mine at the time invited me to attend the 2nd of all public Mandala constructions which was being held at Tower One of the World Trade Center. After the first bombing of one of the towers in 1993, the Dalai Lama proclaimed that the sacred Mandala must be brought out of secrecy due to the urgency of what was transpiring on the world stage. I almost immediately accepted my friends invitation and attended my first day of 8:00am meditation in an area designated for the construction of this sacred Mandala in the lobby of Tower One. The construction was a month long endeavor conducted by 3 very skilled Tibetan monks. Unimaginably beautiful individuals. This event was sponsored by the NY/NJ Port of Authority - which was more quite unlikely magic.

I ended up going every morning and staying until at least noon if not later into the day. I received depths of transmission from both the monks and the Mandala. I bonded with one of the monks. After a few weeks of eye contact and sharing a bit of loving kindness acknowledgements between the two of us, it occurred to me that I had the perfect person right here with me every day to answer one of the most plaguing questions of my life up to that point. If reincarnation is one soul out, one soul in and vise versa as any type of imaginable discreet process, how do we explain population growth of a species such as humans? I was figuring that a perfect equation of reincarnation would not allow for population expansion. Within all of Unity not Being this nature of simplicity as a fathomable linear mechanism, I asked my monk friend who was not much older than me at the time. We were standing about 25 feet from the Mandala as he was taking a break. He lovingly took my hand and we walked toward the Mandala. I can still feel his hand, warm and lush as if it is happening as I write this. He said to me: “nothing is created”. That was it. The rest was up to me for contemplation. And that I did - for years. I came to understand what he meant by way of my studies within quantum physics  and much later the steep dive into exploring energy resonant fields and enfolded geometry as seemingly infinite dimensions. This explained so much and continues to explain the most far reaching nearly unimaginable beauty and symmetry of this Universe and our perceptions of it.