Part 6: Closer To Life On The Island

Along the way was a lot of life being lived in my space on Liberty place in Weehawken, NJ. All the exploration of consciousness in and out of meditation, the depths of studying, new found concepts for the music moving through me, attending various metaphysical and spiritual meeting groups, and nurturing this ascetic lifestyle of inner journey. There was an aspect that appeared to be so mystical that it was as if I was being literally guided without any effort on my part. On separate occasions I received very pronounced indications that I would be very happy living on St John in the USVI. To many this might seem as if just passing happenstance. However, there was an internal resonance vibrating within that somehow I knew I was being effortlessly led upon my unfolding journey. One of these indications was a postcard from a close friend and music production associate. It was the most serene photo of Maho Bay with its crystal clear aqua blue water, white sand beach and luscious foliage. He and his wife went on a vacation staying in one of Maho Bay Resort’s huts. He wrote on the back of the card - “You belong here”. That was it. Not too long after that, I was getting a hair cut by someone who I had visited a few times within the year. This haircutter started telling me about his visit to Maho Bay in the USVI. After a little bit of his description, he looked in the mirror directly into my eyes for a few moments and said - “you need to go there”. I sat in his chair and said to myself in a most self-aware way, “I guess I am going to St John”! 

That portal-eske postcard was sitting leaning against the wall on our kitchen table for months. I would sit and stare at it and very often authentically feel myself there. I would imagine what it would be like to live in such a place and to leave the conventional life that was becoming irrelevant to me in every way. Although I was so committed to this way of seeking and embodying a life of a transcendent mind, I had no vision of earning a living to speak of. And savings that I had was not defining me by any means as independently wealthy - at least in monetary/fiat currency terms. What I was experiencing as conventional life included the noise of urban living, toxic smog, ever increasing fast pace, congestion of traffic on the roads especially if one were to encounter rush hour heading into any of the tunnels accessing NYC from (as they say) the “Jersey side”. To me, what people lived in without their questioning was clearly a very unhealthy and programmed dystopia.