Part 8: Activation Time

Waiting, waiting, waiting - and the box of cassette tapes arrived. A happy and vibrant day! Gearing up for this was by way of further committing to myself and the power of shifting one’s mind in actualization. Creating a new and different reality! I brought the package up to the kitchen where my portal post card resided, and began my journey with Tony Robbins as my trusted coach at the helm of re-designing my life. I was now implementing all that I had traveled the last three years of seeing with new eyes and feeling with a new heart. The trajectory was to follow every instruction, morsel by morsel. This included sitting through what felt as though really didn’t apply to my situation, pay hyper laser attention to all concepts and follow every exercise both physically and mentally. I spent hours within the program’s journals loving up the process writing in specifics of exactly what was instructed. Through and through was nothing but determination for actualizing a shift within all that I knew existed as a waking dream - this life of aggregating “particle”/energy - wave potentiality distribution into a reality of experiential happening! I wrote and wrote describing the feel of a life on a tropical island. The sounds, smells, warm breeze, salt of the ocean water, the people, how they are dressed, the food that would be available, how I would exist in such a place and where I might live. All was so very thrilling. I worked this program of transformation religiously venturing excitedly into all the neurolinguistic programming. I lived within creating my visions with zero doubt that they would become my reality.