Part 13: A Surprise Acquaintance

The beauty of this aspect of the sojourn and story is that while not seeing my early-morning-less -than-optimistic-transitory friend, the next time I crossed paths with her was about eight months laters. I was playing a nice paying gig at a gorgeous cliff side open-air style home overlooking a remote bay on the South Atlantic side of the island. I recognized the face and demeanor in a second and thought, “that’s her!” - “from the first morning”! I approached and said with a huge smile, “hi! Do you remember me?” She looked for a few moments and as I realize that I was a distant memory to her, I responded explaining that I was the one - new on the island over six months ago with the giant over weight backpack - early in the morning - at the joint in Cruz Bay! Her eyes almost popped out of her head. She said, “you’re the musician!” Yes, and I proceeded to share that I had auspiciously stumbled into many opportunities for playing and it was keeping me busy on five to seven gigs a week during tourist season. There was amazing magic that I saw in her smile. Beautiful things happen when you know all is good!