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Part 4: Energies and Connections

Since Craig’s passing, JoAnn has been on a passionate quest to understand from both spiritual and scientific perspectives what and where the energies of our loved ones reside after they have transitioned. Since the passing of her family members, especially with Craig, JoAnn has experienced many unmistakeable, undeniable sensory events within the “unseen realm”. For her, this is suggesting that even though we are unable to visually see our loved ones with our human eyes or hear them with our human ears, they indeed reside in some expanded or dispersed form of energy (vibration) within our existence. This has lead her to a much broader and profound study and exploration of consciousness in and of consciousness. It has taken JoAnn on a fascinating and exhilarating path of vast discoveries within quantum physics and metaphysics. What strikes her most is how she now sees the near inseparable nature of the two. The most far reaching of brilliant and open minds within the forward thrust of the quantum world are showing us that as we move deeper and deeper into the essence of matter or all that we perceive as substance, structure as we know it no longer exists. Quite a plate of food for thought!

Part 5: Emergence

For the past three decades JoAnn has worked as a Registered Radiologic Technologist. Throughout her years of education and experience within the nature of X-ray and MRI, she has had an ongoing contemplation considering frequencies as the electromagnetic spectrum. Given her life changing, paradigm shattering experience of Craig's illness and ultimate departure from our physical realm as perceived reality, it has become an integral aspect of JoAnn’s life's passion and work to share the concept of how the energy vibrations of x-ray cannot be seen nor can the magnetism or radio frequency waves used in MRI.                   

Frequencies that are not visible within our human spectrum of visible light are energies as frequency that are a part of our electromagnetic spectrum. Even though not seen, they exist as an essence of our physical reality. Yet, tangible images can be created by the interpretation and manipulation of these energies. Amazing images emerge by way of these machines and their interpretive companion softwares enabling us to see inner workings and structure of the human body. When our loved ones die, we can no longer see, hear or touch them within the frequency spectrum of our human senses. Perhaps (similar to the energies of x-rays and magnetic resonance), "they" exist as a form of consciousness as energy fields within resonances that we have forgotten.

The beauty of all of this resides as our vantage point within Earthly existence of interpreting time and space and the density of our perceived "physical" reality. Just as the mysticism of Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism), the vast and rich mythic Hindu teachings of Brahma and esoteric Christian teachings address fields of energy(resonance) existing as realms of frequency or energy. It is taught by great teachers, sages, gurus, yogis past and present, and now those quantum explorers of open transcendent minds that by practicing a deeply focused state of directed awareness into one's heart, it is possible to cultivate the means by which we may sense aspects of passed loved ones and perhaps communicate with them.

Perhaps these considerations will bring you comfort and invite you to someday explore the possibilities of connections and communications with those you love.

In Closing

The conclusions we draw upon are those of wonder, contemplation, seeking, listening, pondering, questioning, fascination. The more we seek in the realm of wonderment and question, the more healing seems to so easily flow within us. We attribute this to dwelling and abiding within a nature of being that is wide open without any resistance to anything that might cross our paths in terms of the subtle whisperings of intuition and heart knowings.

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