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Part 2: Observations (Cont.)

We will now share what helped JoAnn more than anything else through her days of devastating pain.

JoAnn’s wonderful friend, Bonnie, (who had been Craig's daycare mom and was our next-door neighbor), became her perfect and desperately needed listener after Craig died. Bonnie had experienced child loss years before and she understood in depth that in order to help someone with a broken heart, the best thing you can do is to cry with them, hold them, tell them how sad and sorry they are and just listen. Just listen!

Bonnie knew and understood the art and skill of attentiveness. She gave no advice, offered no platitudes, and no wisdom as to how JoAnn should handle her grief. All there was between them was love and interconnected heart resonance.

Nothing in JoAnn’s lifetime has ever been so healing to her as Bonnie’s attentive, loving heart. We all need that kind of support as we move through our grief. It is vital that we ask people to be the listener that we need, and if necessary, teach them how to listen from the heart. Don’t be afraid to ask them for what you need.

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