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In this time of your deepest sorrow, 

May these compassionate insights be of comfort to you

As a bereaved mother, JoAnn’s story as “Journey #1” within our program, is to offer you her heart in compassionate, loving support on this unimaginable journey of grief. Within JoAnn’s experience, the loss of one so dear to us is the ultimate pain filled challenge. We are thrust onto the rocky, uncertain path of a monstrous quest to delve deeply within our spirit in order to access the strength and fortitude needed to survive. In the grieving-space within our heart, resides our innate, magnificent love-based essence, the truth of who we are! 

May your journey be softened by the love, support and genuine empathy of others. May you arrive at not only sustained relief, but may you experience the ultimate emergence of knowing and residing in the inner soft and quiet joy that resonates within your heart.