Heart Coherence

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What Is Heart Coherence?

By way of moving through severe, massive cleansing as crying, and at times, seemingly uncontrollable and overwhelming grief, coming to learn of and become committed to an alignment of heart-brain coherence has given me bountiful gifts. Some of these gifts I celebrate as appreciation, gratitude, deeper and deeper compassion, self care as nurturing my physical body, my mind, emotions , spirit and most of all, this precious Soul that I am. Soul that is an expansion far, far beyond my five senses. This feeling of expansiveness has allowed me to identify myself in this life in new and glorious ways as I walk my journey on our life-giving planet. My trek has been a transformational path of spawning renewed and sustained relief by way of the intense grief that I allowed myself to experience. The road along the way of recovery has been a metamorphosis bringing me through penetrating and insightful breakthroughs as to how I both fundamentally view my own consciousness and make my own personal choices for health, happiness and emotional vitality.  

I have devoted much time and energy to researching and exploring this beautiful state of being. Especially over recent decades there has been a growing and flowing abundance of scientific research and evidence in the form of clinical data regarding heart brain coherence and all that this implies. Many of my findings and insights, have come from volumes of both enlightening books and articles. But most of all of my life altering happiness and success comes from applying all that I have learned by way of experiential practices. Challenging at times, but always with my knowing on such deep levels that so much is blasting forth from the deepest well of my heart and soulful inner being. My practice is a living and always expanding joy. 

My discoveries have brought me to a new way knowing and being life! Within this exists depths of peaceful awareness. I have come to experience that within my cherished heart space, there is no place for notions of judgement, separation, competition spawned of aggression, or negative, worrisome thoughts or feelings. When I am centered within this awareness, a dissolving of impulsive reaction to outside stimuli seems to magically dissipate. What I have learned is that as I practice this way of awareness, the survival mode of my brain is relaxed if not silenced and creativity flows freely. The great news is that anyone can do this. Anyone at all! 

This “space” within us is our most natural state. This I have found can be tricky for many that are new to this concept. In general, we so often identify all that exists from our perspective of how we see ourselves. For instance, this way of seeing things means that our identity is based on our bodies - how we look and appear to others, our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. This is why our most natural and inherent state of pure consciousness is so easily obscured, unrecognized and sadly, forgotten. 

The enjoyment I receive from this exploration is from both an everyday sort of pragmatic view as well as an esoteric view. I like to discover metaphors and other easy and engaging ways of seeing this state of awareness that holds all the potential for healing in so many varying ways. The more esoteric side would be to take a look at how mystics would nurture us to experience the seemingly elusive purest Self: pure consciousness. Remarkably, this state of awareness is accessed by way of stillness and quiet. Its natural essence is one of effortlessness, simplicity, authenticity and flawlessness. My discovery has also been that it holds a sense of boundlessness. This is such an inspiring feeling because boundlessness offers so much in all that we are capable of not only being, but becoming as our heart’s desires. It is what the mysticism within what has become religions seeks to define in both literal and metaphorical terms. It is an awareness of an unchanging domain or terrain which pervades everything. And this is within us, all the time, everywhere.

Wondrously, there has been a conundrum taught by mystics and gurus throughout our recorded history. It is the usually perplexing puzzle of locating that which has no location and the paradoxical concept of identifying the unidentifiable. Spanning our last hundred years or so, this enigmatic mystery has come to be the foundational cornerstone of the deepest contemplations of the most forward thinking explorers within realms of quantum physics. It has a pronounced, if not a prominent identity within the emerging fields of Deep Ecology, Gaia Theory(Earth System Science) and epigenetics. And for the sake of this story, possibly the most revealing of all is the more mysterious if not mystical side of neuro-cardiology. 

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