The Practical Intuitive

Part 10: Visit From Mom

Our culture often refers to these types of abilities as psychic-medium. I have never felt comfortable referring to such a fundamental essence in this way. “Subtle perception existing as one’s inner acuity”, feels much more pleasing. In actuality, I am not shy about referring to our “sixth sense” as rather, our primary sense. As if in an atrophied state, most people are simply not aware that they are equally capable of nurturing and stimulating these seemingly dormant yet innate sense perceptions. It saddens me that within our culture, we are generally less encouraged to explore the possibilities of expanding our energetic and intuitive awarenesses.  

The first time my Mom’s spirit came to visit me was amazing! After my divorce I had bought a split entry two story home. I had spent a few hours doing a thorough house cleaning, including vacuuming all the floors. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to top off my cleaning accomplishments with a nice walk. I lived alone, so I locked the door and went on my merry way. When I returned, I stood in the entryway and felt a knowing that I should look down to the lower level. The room at the bottom of the steps was my office, which was in my vision. There, on the freshly vacuumed carpet was a meticulously placed unsharpened new pencil with a rubber binder right along side of it. Without a moment of fear or panic, I immediately sensed the presence of my mother. Delightfully, we exchanged loving energies and I clearly “heard” her say to me, “I brought you these to tell you how much I always loved helping you choose school supplies when you were young. The rubber binder is a loving reminder of how, for many years, I would brush your long blonde hair and put it up into a ponytail.” Joyfully, Mom’s energy has returned to visit me often, employing other sweet and funny tricks to get my attention. 

In recent years I’ve been with numerous clients for readings, or what I prefer to call “intuitive sessions”. I’ve always felt deep joy and gratitude that I am able to assist both the living and the departed in this wonderful way. As humans, we possess intuition and access to what we have been referring to throughout our program as alignment of conscious mind with subconscious mind. However, our busy minds are so used to reasoning within the spinning of our cognitive mind. We strive to figuring out solutions for ourselves that most of the time, with this striving as an impediment, we don't hear the perfect whisper of our Intuition....our heart wisdom. It exists as a still, calm voice that shares its subtle communication letting us know what is most beneficial. This “inner voice” comes to us in quiet moments of residing within our heart space. All we need do is direct our awareness into the realm of our heart, and listen.