The Practical Intuitive

Part 4: The Rosebud

When I was a young mother I had an astonishing experience while driving on a freeway. In a sudden moment, a clear vision of a beautiful pink rosebud appeared before me. It was almost like a little movie as I watched the flower evolve from being a tight little bud into a magnificent blossom! Its fragrance filled my senses with the unmistakeable aroma of a robust summer rose. (All the while my focus remained on mindful driving.) Then I “heard” (sensed) this message: “Like this beautiful rose, you are blossoming as your power and birthright.” Feeling stunned and amazed and a-washed in profound serenity, this deep promise within this mystical moment embedded itself into my psyche.                            

 It all ties together so beautifully as my awareness has expanded, especially as I continuously rest in the practice of residing within my heart space.