The Practical Intuitive

Part 8: Sweet Kisses

Once I settled into my new life beyond marriage, I was truly free to explore the passionate callings of my heart. Joyfully, I allowed myself to become wide open to exploring and expanding into vast depths of awareness.

About a month after the dissolution of my marriage I was feeling some sadness and grief over the immense changes that our separation had presented. Suddenly and unexpectedly my thoughts were turned to Craig. I recalled how he would give me a goodnight kiss every single night on my right cheek after saying to me, “I love you, Mom”. Just following this   precious memory, I felt a light brushing as a tingling sensation on my right cheek. This was exactly where he always kissed me! It felt like a soft paint brush was ever so lightly stroking my skin. This was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received! To this day, he still “kisses”  me this way. It is Craig’s reminder to me that in his non-physical form of expanded consciousness as “information”, “he” is always near, helping me in all ways.