The Practical Intuitive

Subtle Communications

At times in solitude, I will settle into what I refer to as an “invitational meditation”. Within these meditations, I invite those from the realm of “spirit” to reveal a presence. I softly and gently speak, “Dear ones, I am here and I welcome your precious energies. I love you and assure you that I am reaching out to all of you from the depths of my loving heart space.” Again, perhaps analogous to the energies of x-rays and magnetic resonance discussed previously and in JoAnn's Story, Part 5, the emergent presence exists as “expanded consciousness” in a form of energy fields or aspects and essences of “information”  which we have forgotten. 

As a result of years of study, practice and self-nurturing attentiveness to my senses, I’ve trained myself to be attuned to subtle sensory messages. Sometimes I sense specific images while at other times I can sense exquisitely gentle touches on my head and face. It is always a profound experience for me. Upon the conclusion of one memorable meditation in particular, I opened my eyes and felt my entire home filled with spirit energies!. Astounded, I immediately absorbed the following message, “We all want to be heard. We are very happy to find the ones who will listen.” Such deep gratitude is mine to be someone who can gently connect with them!