The Practical Intuitive

Part 3: Reality of Auras

At around age 10, I began to notice that I could see the auras of my brothers, especially when they were wearing white t-shirts. One occasion that I can clearly recall is that of seeing my brother Randy’s aura as being a spectacular pink and white glow. Again, I was never frightened, but always embraced the feeling of interconnected awareness within the wonders that were these experiences. 

So, If all and everything is energetically interconnected and interdependent, then seeing auras is not a surprising phenomenon. Being open to tapping into wonders beyond our usual everyday experiences within our human senses can open doors to all sorts of wonders!

In moving on to the following stories, I ask you to please consider that your own heart intelligence is the precious space holding only love, compassion and the deep knowing of oneness as non-separation from anything and everything.