The Practical Intuitive

Part 5: Growing In Awareness and Understanding

It was for quite some time, I acknowledged fundamental and necessary aspects within my marriage that were less than flourishing. On a deep level I understood that I had “chosen”  these experiences in order to learn, evolve and grow into further awakening and awareness. As our fourteenth wedding anniversary approached, I became inspired to write my very first song as a gift to my then husband. It came to me as a deep knowing, springing forth a communication in the form of poetry as my lyrics. It was virtually effortless on my part. The experience was thrilling! There existed a presence of sensing an interconnectedness and the limitless access within the subconscious of all mechanisms of the Universe. As I am in the flow of effortless creativity, allowing information transiting through me is void of impediment. This is a sense of direct access within my intuitively inspired mind. It is a joy-filled trance-like state dancing in the realm of pure consciousness