The Practical Intuitive

Part 6: Form/Non-form or Other Phenomenon of Non-physical Realm

It was mid-morning when we finally left the hospital the day of my little son Craig’s passing. It was sunny and warm as a perfect summer’s day. As we were driving home I closed my eyes and within a short time I experienced an astounding vision. I saw Craig! He was jubilant and happy. He was in a meadow of beautiful flowers with really intense sunlight. He was dancing and playing with many other children who looked just as joyful and happy as he did. It was an extremely comforting experience! Later, I named that vision "Sundance" because of the intense sunlight that I saw and the happy vision of the children dancing and frolicking. I have never experienced such stunning and radiant sunlight. Attempting to describe this is subtle and abstract for me. It was powerful, concentrated and beautifully effervescent! There was a palpable warmth emanating from this light which was accompanied by a soft comforting radiance. The feeling that lingered far beyond the momentary vision was that of a sense of knowing that I had experienced interconnectedness with a realm of unseen non-local, non-physical, subtle energies.

In November of 1995, roughly four months after Craig died, Children's Hospital held a particularly meaningful memorial service for the families of all the children who had left their earthly existence during the past year. It was called “Angels Among Us”. I attended the event alone because my husband and sons had gone hunting. It was a beautiful and sensitive ceremony complete with pictures of our precious children projected one by one on a large screen. I cried intensely. So intensely, that I used up an entire box of tissues. At the end of the ceremony, feeling emotionally exhausted, I discovered that I could not get up. My legs felt like Jell-O from the emotional intensity that had flowed through me throughout the evening. As I remained seated allowing myself to recover, I suddenly felt an energetic warmth surrounding from behind. Not obvious to others, I experienced being rocked back-and-forth in a very gentle way. I felt a message emanating from the source of this energy. It was a beautiful reassurance. Within this soothing and tender inner communication was a delicate and soft insight. It conveyed that I was unfolding a path of surviving and flourishing beyond this living nightmare. I knew immediately that it was my precious Craig in some immeasurable form of undefined energy holding me, reassuring me.    

Three years after Craig’s passing during the months before I finally left my marriage, I heard and sensed many powerful messages that were encouraging me to move forward without fear. Yet once again on this journey, I was feeling a powerful depth of knowing that I am always interconnected with the realm of unseen subtle energies. This internal awareness as dialogue, bolstered my strength and determination to a point where I could finally make the excruciating choice to embark upon a new and independent life of my own creation.