The Practical Intuitive

Part 1: Opening To My Awakened Life

When I was a very young child, around 3 or 4 years old, I would often be awakened from sleep by a low pitch resonant humming tone. Upon deep reflection, I now clearly recognize that the phenomenon of this sound was being experienced from within. As a little one, I could very easily have been disturbed or even traumatized to a degree by this mysterious hum. But I always felt a compelling assurance that I was safe and that this humming was a connection of energies between me and all else of existence. Somehow with an inexplicable clarity, I understood this. 

As some years went by, I continued to be awakened occasionally by this hum. It kept returning as a sweet reminder of what interconnectedness felt like. This experience helped to set the tone for my deep appreciation and connection to the more enigmatic and mysterious marvels of nature.