The Practical Intuitive

Softly and gently guiding people into their heart, 

bringing movement through grief.

The “seeing” is by way of all phenomenon existing as

interconnected and interdependent. 

Through this, within grief, people are compelled to seek.

I am

a bereaved mother, sister, daughter and friend. 

I offer dedicated, unwavering support

and my understanding heart. 

I share my loving soul, 

my attentiveness, 

my presence, 

my ability to listen fully to what you are saying,

 my absolute heartfelt empathy


my facility to interpret subtle unseen energies.

I guide you to discover vast and numerous

"parallel beauty" within every moment of

your life experience. 

I ease your heart and mind in every way I find possible.

In Compassion and Gratefulness,

- JoAnn Bruhn