Deep Ideas Made Easy


Come into the awareness of seeing that YOU 

create reality within and as your circumstances and conditions  



The practice of aligning your conscious and subconscious mind

Just as our garden and seed planting scenario in DIME 1, 

aligning conscious and subconscious mind is 

fundamental in coming to experience life

as our visions and desires



Learn simple and fast ways for unblocking yourself



The Practice of “Letting Go”

It is our very own thoughts that we so often need to let go of. 

This allows us

to see life as it is - unobstructed!   

A practice of “letting go” is a very effective path to 

stress reduction and living a life of 

unimpeded flow, as conditions and circumstances arise. 



Your Magical Quiet Mind

…And Indistinguishable Thought

Prior to the realization that your mind is an 

active tapestry of your thoughts, 

there is absence of awareness that your 

thoughts are distinguishable from the 

reality you are experiencing. 

If thoughts are indistinguishable from that which exists, 

then there are deeply woven beliefs that your thoughts are the 

authentic, truest nature of that which you are experiencing. 

Become the master of 

observing your thoughts!

The mastery of discernment within witnessing thoughts, 

identifies the nature of indistinguishable thoughts. 

Participate in creating a world that is aware of 

Distinguishable Thoughts!

This is yet another way of,

A Passage Into Into Heart!