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Deep Ideas Made Easy

Your Magical Quiet Mind

…And Indistinguishable Thought

Are your thoughts appearing to be indistinguishable 

from what you think is reality? 

Everything experienced?

Prior to becoming aware that you are thinking thoughts 

which are defining your experience, 

you may very well believe that the 

reality you are experiencing 

really exists as a truth and authentic nature of 

“things as they are”. 

This is not true. 

Our Journey into observation

In your mind, set yourself in a scene where you are 

simply observing what your vision tells you is existing. 

Perhaps -

Sitting on an uninhabited beach, 

observing beautiful aqua colored water, 

blue sky with subtle puffs of scatteredwhite clouds

Simply sit and observe

or -

You are relaxing at a clearing 

 by a gentle stream with small lush bushes and shrubs as surroundings.

The soil is healthy and rich in deep brown color.

Not far off in the distance is a majestic mountain range

Simply sit and observe

or -

You are having a snack or nice drink refreshment at a cafe with outdoor seating.

It is a city setting and you are observing the diversity of peoples’ self expression:

Body movement

Physiological features

Facial expressions

Manner of speaking





You are also observing people of various ethnic backgrounds.

Once again, 

Simply sit and observe

It is your thoughts creating perceptions that are defining your reality!

Prior to the realization that your mind is an 

active tapestry of your thoughts, 

there is absence of awareness that your 

thoughts are distinguishable from the 

reality you are experiencing. 

If you are unaware of these thoughts, 

then you believe that the thoughts being thought(as an action), 

are the reality which you are observing. 

This includes everything within your five senses.

Your experience!

Observing peoples’:

Body movement

Physiological features

Facial expressions

Manner of speaking





In the immediate realm of your thoughts, there is nothing 

 you are thinking as 

validity or authenticity 

that defines another person’s reality. 

Hence, your thoughts have no bearing as to 

defining a person other that what you believe to be true in your mind.

There is aB I G“However”  though!

As we venture unbound expanses 

as the subtle interconnectedness 

of all things unknown and known, 

then yes, 

every thought you think has a 

profound correlation as affect. 

This might be seem abstract or vague, 

but as a collective consciousness, 

we are not far off from the notions of interconnectedness 

weaving its way into everyday understanding. 

We will explore this magnificently fascinating realm in a coming DIME

Within a quiet mind -

hairstyle is the hairstyle

clothing is the clothing 

jewelry is the jewelry

 physiological features of a person are the physiological features

body movement is body movement 

their manner of speaking whether it be language, dialect or accent, 

is their manner of speaking - language, dialect or accent

If thoughts are indistinguishable from that which exists, 

then there are deeply woven beliefs that your thoughts are the 

authentic, truest nature of that which you are experiencing. 

We must distinguish our thoughts from that which is not our thoughts!

All that exists prior to our thoughts,

 is authentic unto itself!

We can now begin to experience in a much more thorough way, 

the power of our thoughts! 

Become the master of

observing your thoughts!

The mastery of discernment within witnessing thoughts, 

identifies the nature of indistinguishable thoughts. 

It is by way of this mastery that we come into our realization 

that we are the action of “thinking”. 

And all that we experience as our 5 senses, 

is perception defined by our thoughts. 

Now let us consider 2 aspects going a bit deeper -

1)  The perception of Self, 

and how you 

define yourself as

 the thoughts within your mind

As throughout DIME 2, 

the thoughts you are thinking as conscious mind are always 

embedding themselves within and as subconscious mind. 

Remember, subconscious mind does not discern or discriminate. 

It has no preference as to its own nature. It simply just “IS”.

It is the presence and prevalence of your command as conscious mind, 

in all its reflectively feedback looping precesses and function, 

which brings forth the design of your perceptions.

And it is your perceptions 

that shape the nature of your reality.

2)  Your thoughts of 

social, cultural, religious, political or spiritual beliefs, etc, 

which appear to be a reality, 

do not exist in any form of any truth 

other than thoughts within your mind. 

It is only in your mind, that definition hence perception, exist as a perceived truth. 

In all actuality, this truth is a fundamentally misconstrued truth.

If there exists tainted thoughts that define a person or people, 

it is your mind that is tainted. 

Tainted thoughts in and of themselves,

have absolutely nothing to do with 

defining an authentic “truth” as reality of a person or people.

Come to know the power of your thoughts!

Participate in creating a world that is aware of 

Distinguishable Thoughts!

This is yet another way of,

A Passage Into Into Heart!