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Deep Ideas Made Easy

The Practice of

“Letting Go”

It is our very own thoughts that we so often need to let go of. 

This allows us

to see life as it is - unobstructed!   

A practice of “letting go” is a very effective path to

stress reduction and living a life of

unimpeded flow, as conditions and circumstances arise. 

By implementing a mindset of letting go, we can begin to enter into a way of living life as a “flow”. A wonderful and inspiring analogy for this is surfing! We must ride our wave as the wave unfolds. A surfer does not interact with a wave by dictating conditions or behavior of how the wave must behave or react. Surfers understand this and we usually see that their personalities reflect this in various ways. We are certainly generalizing, but we so often find that such a vast cross-section of surfers hold an innate insight and wisdom as to this way of “relating to” life. 

Surfing the wave of life is a profound metaphor for our “letting go”. 

As situations arise, we can simply and effortlessly step back so to speak, and view all that is unfolding without reacting in any other way but observing the conditions of events as they become situational. We can look at them prior to reacting. This gives us a great vantage point for seeing things as they are in a deeper and more authentic way. Creating this type of space and time within situations and circumstances develops a honed ability and skill for knowing that we can let go of outcomes, which diminishes a type of mental friction. Conversely, this friction may very well intensify as we push against things in life. That is, pushing against situations as they are. Inevitably, as our thoughts evolve reflectively into an emotional friction, we are likely to experience life in ways that are conflicted in relation to our desired outcomes. 

Perspective can become very hazy quite quickly when these conflicts emerge and take hold as a “normal” way of living our lives. To encounter situations with this type of perceptual “distance”, gives us the ability and vantage point to see how all is flowing in its own way. This “distance” is by no means meant for us to interact as disconnected or dissociated. This also is not inferring an ambivalence as a way of interacting in and with life. Quite the opposite! By acknowledging and living in and as the flow of life, we can become so attuned to riding our wave in a way that effortlessly allows for a trajectory of greatly reduced resistance, if none at all. The resistance to all that is occurring as the wave is completely up to you and how you interact with all that is happening. 

Resist - we get conflict

Observe and allow the flow - we live in stunning clarity of all that is

happening and hence, navigate in definitively more effortless ways of being. 

So many of the profound martial arts of Asia and the Orient teach how to take in and utilize the “opponents” energy as movement. The essence of these art forms are to flow with the energy of what is coming at you, never resisting. You utilize the energy flow of the movement for your best advantage. Analyze, observe, analyze more and observe deeper and deeper into the way things are. This is void of your wanting or needing them to be any particular way. This is so crucial. Responding in this way, your experiential situations will inherently be the energy and power to propel you forth. This seems paradoxical but this is how energy works. Build on the flow of how all is in relation to your desired creation of reality. 

Think of specific aspects of conditions and circumstance as they presently exist. Discern how to allow all to be, and how you can “tap” the energy of what is happening as it flows. This is an art comprising great skill. Do not step in front of the speeding train. Use the airstream to both propel you and take you along for the ride. As you do this, your skills and abilities for whatever it is that you do in life will be so greatly enhanced. Your life shall move along as all is moving along. You make your determinations and decisions based on this flow.

Going deeper into all that exists as it is - Flowing as the very flow of life!  

DIME 1 and 2 have taken us into looking at how everything exists with its inherent informational and structural essence. Everything within all that exists knows what to do based on this information. It is intelligence as very subtle forms of information that describe the workings of our cells, genes, DNA and way down into the structure of these components as particles. Moving more subtly into particles, energy holds information as to energy’s behavior. 

Let's take for example how sunlight shines on plants and flowers not only stimulating their growth, but the Sun’s light becomes what the plants and flowers are! This is a magnificent process of Photosynthesis! On a subtle level this process can be interpreted as an exchange or flowing of information. This information in actuality is intelligence. It is the glorious Sun knowing to do what it does(DIME 1). Sun’s photons carry its information that is understood by plants and flowers for them to do what they do! 

Do you see how this is intelligence? Stunning! 

There is nothing within Sun, photons, plant and flowers getting in their own way to obstruct their process of flow. They inherently do not need to let go of anything. They exist as pure flow of life. 

Imagine living a life of such effortless interaction. Responding to situations where there is no insistence of any particular thought that obscures naturally unfolding processes of life. Think in terms of applying this to interpersonal relationships - family, friends, work. You can go deeper and apply this to societal and cultural relations. And what could be most crucial of all for our sustainability, our letting go of conditioned notions and flowing with all of Nature and ourplanetary environment. Imagine this being the “new normal”! Such wonderful possibilities for a new world! 

And all from a practice of letting go!  

As we integrate our practice and awareness suggested in DIME 3, we embark on “slowing down” our interactions within daily experiences. This allows for a much deeper, fuller and enriching relationship as an expanded interaction with all that we are encountering. 

This is the depths of “letting go” unto all that IS as ALL IS!

Lets take a short look in reviewing the main topics of DIME 3

As we look, let us see

As we hear, let us listen

As we touch, let us feel

As we breathe, let us be 

in acute awareness 

of aroma, fragrance, scents

As we eat, let us taste

As we talk, may our words 

emanate from a focus and 

depth of our most heartfelt thinking

These six nurturing directives invite us to a more complete engagement in life and all that we encounter. Practice observing thoughts and ideas that obscure or distort the essence of things as they are. 

It is so important to remember that perspectives may very well hold

incomplete information as how and why things are the way they are. 

Joyfully let go of distortions as thoughts and emotions that obscure!

This is all suggesting a way of living, where by merely letting go of so many thoughts based in beliefs holding insistence on how the world is, we clear an unimpeded path for our own way. This dissolves conflict and allows seeing “things as they are”! Letting go of thoughts as judgment and any perspective that might hold incomplete information as to the fullest nature of people and their behavior, also brings wonderful clarity to “things as they are”. 

We then engage in much deeper, meaningful and authentic relationships allowing for every bit of crucial information to define accurately that which we are involved. 

Letting Go of thoughts and beliefs based on incomplete information takes practice. 

The great gift is that it holds potential for living your fullest understandings as insight, 

yielding a compassion unparalleled within this Earthly Human experience.

Unobscured information as intelligence emanating from your heart, 

is a pathway to seeing and knowing truths of conditions and circumstance.

This, in and of itself is one of the

greatest cornerstones of wisdom!