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Deep Ideas Made Easy

Learn simple and fast ways for unblocking yourself

As we look, let us see 

As we hear, let us listen

As we touch, let us feel

As we breathe, let us be 

in acute awareness 

of aroma, fragrance, scents 

As we eat, let us taste

As we talk, may our words 

emanate from a focus and 

depth of our most heartfelt thinking

We can look at unblocking ourselves as “getting out of our own way”.

The boundlessness experienced in deep meditation can be implemented within a practice of getting out of our own way

From this state of mind, we are in heightened modes of awareness. This is simply due to the dissolving of thoughts or the practice of observing your own thoughts. Once we become acquainted with this way of perceiving the contents of our own mind, we begin to see more and more clearly and definitively that our actions are the products of our thoughts.

By way of clearing our minds, we are reducing more and more content that is

getting in our way of seeing, hearing and feeling what is really existing. 

  • As we feel what really exists, allowing for information to come to and through us, we naturally express ourselves in an authentic and genuine way. This can easily lead us to expressing from a depth of an inspired mind. The inspired mind is a clear mind holding alignment with the subconscious mind. This is what is happening when accomplished musicians, fine artists, dancers, etc, express on such a high level of art. They are simultaneously listening to, and allowing impulses of emotion to come through them. A clear mind exists as a vastness; a domain of consciousness engaging the nature of human intelligence.  
  • As we hear in clarity, we are going to deeper depths of listening. Attentiveness is a great attribute in life. Listening is a skill, an art, an expression of caring, kindness, gentleness and nurturing. In many situations and circumstances, listening reveals our compassion. Listening is, and yields wisdom.  By way of being a devoted and attentive listener, we may even come to see profound interconnectedness of all things.
  • As we touch in clarity, we feel in a way that sheds insight as to all existing as connectedness. When we touch in clarity we can feel textures with heightened sensitivity. We grow into becoming beings of greater sensuality. Being sensual is not limited to human relations, but brings us to expanded sensitivities of interacting with materials of all sorts. Consider heightened sensations as we interact as touch with delicate flowers, plants, stones, fabrics, even foods! Accomplished and inspired cooks and bakers are so often elaborating on the sensuality within food preparation in terms of textures. 
  • As we breathe in clarity, we awaken to the essences of our environment. Breathing in a scent is a subtle form of touch just as our sense of vision is an extremely subtle form of touch. Deep breathing in clarity will stimulate many health benefits. Perhaps you might take an opportunity to engage in exploring various essential oils. As we commune with the scents of various flower, plant or herbal essences in clarity, we discover potent affects for expanses of physical functioning including possibilities for aspects of healing on physical, psychological or emotion levels. Deep breathing within clarity in rhythmic cycles and patterns contributes directly in increasing the oxygenation of your blood. This can also aid in heightened brain function and exponentially increased clarity.
  • As we eat in clarity, we have the possibility to taste in more subtle and expanded ways. Practice eating slowly. We may be humored by the suggestion of chewing our food fifty times before swallowing, but this restful and paced way of eating has many health benefits. We are all always happier with fully functioning digestion! Here too, the act of tasting food holds a sensuality. Great chefs focus so intently on the subtlety of flavors and textures of their gastronomic creations. Take time to know what you are eating by way of clarity as you taste your food. 
  • As we speak in clarity, we say what we mean. As we speak in clarity, the meaning of our words shall bring us to a deeper interpersonal relationship with not only to whom we are speaking, but perhaps even more importantly, authenticity within ourselves. Saying the words we truly and authentically mean, opens pathways to connecting our words and ideas to our heart. This has great benefit because as we are speaking what we are feeling, the heart is interactively being stimulated and engaging the subtle frequencies of heart / brain coherence.  

Working within a practice of unblocking ourselves, or getting out of our own way, is a discovery of listening from within. The more we live from a mindset of clarity fostering our listening from within, we will develop an ease of focusing on alignment of conscious mind and subconscious mind content. Our senses and subtle nature of the intelligence of our Heart will then provides us with all we need to live a path of wisdom. This wisdom comes from our “inner listening”. We are allcapable of this. 

It is simply a question of quieting our minds into clarity and tuning in to our 

most natural state of being: consciousness itself - pure consciousness. 

It is this pure consciousness that has brought forth the greatest wisdom and 

discoveries known to humans. 

Quiet your mind - listen - and discover how you can unblock!