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Deep Ideas Made Easy

The practice of aligning your conscious and subconscious mind


Just as our garden and seed planting scenario in DIME 1, aligning conscious and subconscious mind is fundamental in coming to experience life as our visions and desires. 

DIME 1 addressed the subconscious doing what it is doing all the time in maintaining structures at every level of existence. The crucial aspect of this is to rest in your awareness that this intelligence is within and as, “You”. Intelligence can be thought of as a subtle form of information within all that plays its part as the functioning of every aspect of nature. And it is of a forward-thinking mindset for us to now view nature in terms of, all that exists

Now that we see that subconscious mind is a type of repository of all levels of function and information, we must consider that as we think within our conscious mind, all and every aspect of what we are thinking is making its way into and becoming subconscious mind. This is immediate at first. But then and over time - lifetimes of time - with more and more thought as information being fed into subconscious, think of ALL the information that resides within subconscious mind. Again, remember that subconscious mind does not discriminate. No preference whatsoever! What its content is, IS! 

So here is where alignment comes to play. 

It really is very simple!

If you have any type of storage compartment or device filled with information, and then suddenly there comes along information that is in conflict with the existing information, there will not be congruent processing or understanding of the content. There is   a deficiency ofcongruent alignment. To very large degrees within being human, this goes in both directions - conscious mind, subconscious mind and reversed. 

Lets take such a simple and rather mundane example that so many of us may have experienced at one time or another. 

You are attracted to someone for any number of reasons. You have thought of pursuing meeting this person.  Now along the way, many varying thoughts have come up. They may range from very positive self affirming thoughts with good healthy self image and esteem to self sabotaging thoughts of various reasons this person would not respond favorably. 

As we think conflicting thoughts, we are embedding all of these thoughts within subconscious mind. Again, the subconscious mind does not discern good, bad, right or wrong. Nor does it measure the congruence of the thoughts. Subconscious mind is taking it all in. Now given that we have already looked at the vastness of all that is interrelated on the subconscious level which includes how matter manifests out of behavior based actions, do you see how confusion arises when it comes to having a desired outcome merely by thinking conflicting thoughts? 

This can be very obvious or so subtle. 

We are inviting you to explore the essence of this expanse! 

In the case of our desiring to meet this particular person, even though our primary thoughts are serving us well in terms of following through towards our desired outcome, if there are any conflicting thoughts no matter how brief, this brings forth conflict as to outcomes in our material world. Any conflict whatsoever on the conscious level, plays out within deeper, more subtle realms within and as all that is interconnected subconsciously. 

Again, remember - subconscious is the information storage “system” of all structural parts,  whether quantum energy levels of existence, or on “up” to all that is acting as energy within macro systems such as societies. 

 Thoughts that you are thinking on your conscious level, MUST be aligned with all prior thought of desired outcomes, which are always residing as subconscious “memory”!