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Deep Ideas Made Easy

Come into the awareness of seeing that YOU create reality within and as your circumstances and conditions.

For anything to appear as you are asking, envisioning or intending, there must be congruence between conscious mind and subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is taking care of all tasks that keep the all of existence functioning, known and unknown. Really! - Name this whatever you would like, the functioning on every level is functioning! Your heart beats, lungs breath, cells reproduce and wounds heal. Thoughts are being thought most often without an inner witness awareness that you are thinking. Billions of species on our Earth(Gaia) are functioning physiologically. Earth does her growing, expanding and contracting, atmospheres and oceans come and go transforming all the time, solar systems and their planets do what they do and galactic structures have their mechanisms from innate “knowing” what to do at all times.

Now we journey our inner starship in “the other direction” .

Elements, particles, sub particle/atomic structures and behaviors know what to do as well. The proof of all this is so simple - it is all happening! All the time! Yes it is happening, and the information or intelligence as a function, is within, of and as, the subconscious of all interconnected, interdependent everything. Are you “thinking” subatomic structures or behaviors of energy into doing what they are doing? No! It is happening on its own. Throughout most of all your life you are breathing without thinking or intending to breathe. Nor are you routinely reproducing your cells in your conscious mind. ALL is happening on its own! 

This is the subconscious “mind” of ubiquity - all that exists, everywhere, all the time. There is no need to be aware of this amazingly unfathomable process. It just goes! And “IT” is going IN, AS and OF YOU throughout ALL of your waking and non-waking awareness in this domain of life as life itself! Amazing! An integral aspect of intelligence that is your body, knows what to do all the time! Therefore we can say that this intelligence is very much in fact, you. It does not matter if this is an awareness within your conscious mind, it is still doing what it is doing as you. The intelligence carrying on every function of you is merely not the identity of you as you know, refer and relate to you. Nevertheless it is all functioning in, of and as YOU subconsciously. A bit twisty turny, but as this is contemplated, the realization shall come into clarity.  

When we think both positive and negative thoughts pertaining to desired outcomes, they are all embedding themselves in subconscious. What this means is that without you realizing,  conflicting information is being deposited in the “memory”(so to speak) aspect of subconscious mind. This is a powerful impediment to fostering alignment within your life for all that you desire. Congruence of your conscious thoughts and content of subconscious mind functions as a mirror which is reflecting back to you your reality. This exists as an outcome of thought and how your thoughts come to be your reality. Any conflicting thoughts whatsoever will not hold congruence as to what you interpret as, “your life”. 

The subconscious mind does not judge, measure, or have any preference as to its content. It is an infinite repository of information that is woven into the very fabric of matter. You can very quickly dive so vast and deep witnessing a complexity being shown within the science of quantum field theory. We can remove all the mystery of how and why conditions and circumstance come to be by realizing that every thought we think resides in a form of energy within subconscious mind. Now since it is well known that every thing and everything is interconnected and interdependent, then we can begin to fathom how our thoughts shape and emerge our collective and seemingly “individual” realities. Everything is made of the same nature within the subatomic realm of all that is.

So let’s now break this down in a fun and logical way

- The essence of thought is energy

- Energy is interchangeable as matter  

- Matter is made of subatomic particles that 

reduce down to almost unfathomably 

small “packets”  of quanta/energy

- So since thought and matter are both made of the 

same thing existing as energy in the subatomic realm, 

and the subatomic realm exists within subconscious mind …

… then if thoughts are in conflict pertaining to a 

desired outcome, do you now see how “your reality” will 

never emerge as alignment with your imagined/thought desire?

Another way of looking at this -

When we say or think we desire or want something in our life, we must realize that nothing will appear other than all that expands from within our thoughts, given our circumstances and conditions. This is because our thoughts are like planting a seed in your garden. 

First and foremost the soil must be healthily balanced, rich in minerals, best to have organically based composted materials and certainly void of anything that would potentially contaminate our seed in the way of toxicities. The seed must be healthy, capable of germinating and must be tended to with appropriate watering, air, sunlight and most importantly within our subtle realm, love. 

Let’s look at this in a way of analogies and loving representations. 

- Our seed represents thought within conscious mind

- The soil and larger extended garden as a whole is our subconscious mind.

If we plant debilitating or self sabotaging thoughts on a regular basis that take hold in subconscious, and then routinely think thoughts of how we would wish our life to be in terms of health, happiness and material abundance, there will be nothing but conflict as to our outcomes. 

The exact opposite is true as well. If we practice a discipline or devotion of holding and hence planting thoughts of happiness, joy and an abundant life into the subconscious, and then move in and out of negative or toxic types of thoughts, there will never be an alignment that is showing you the reality you are expecting to see and experience. 

Your garden will certainly not flourish into a consistency of wonderfully happy and healthy, wonderful tasting fruits and vegetables! 

We just simply cannot think conflicting thoughts and expect desired outcomes!

Remember, all is of the structure that we are, from the most seemingly immeasurable unfathomable quanta as some aspect of energy, to the most daunting massive structures of space/time - time/space. Every thing affects everything and everything affects every thing. 

There is nothing beyond or outside everything! If you were to go to the farthest points of any region or domain of anything that exists, once you go “beyond”, you are then experiencing where and how you are at that point in time and existence. You cannot be beyond any thing at any time whatsoever. Where you are, is existing as your awareness of all that you are experiencing. And within all that is being experienced, is subconscious doing what is being done, of which you are connected in ways that you most likely have never fathomed.

Fun! Take this in as quiet - in stillness. consider, contemplate - 

You will come to know that every thought you

think is a seed and integral component of all that emerges to be your life.