Being In Fertility

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Part 4: Interpretations, Understandings & Personal Explorations

The soil as the process of creating -

planting seeds

Tending your soil

 Seeds of belief 

Seeds of truths 

Seeds of misrepresentation, 

Illusion, disconnection 

and defining dissociation

Explorations and contemplations within the act of creation -

the considerations of our role

Reflecting and deliberating on your participation 

as the manifestation, conception of reality


Will you consider the beauty of an expanse as space and

freedom for growth beyond possible existing obstacles?

Turn the “all-seeing eyes” inward

Stimulate your trajectory of the inner eye 

and trace back to its origin, 

as the seat and seed of creation


Within the seed carries the entire blueprint of creation - 

the “holographic matrix” of all information, 

innate intelligence and wisdom

Are we willing to rest quietly within the 

mysteriously sublime elegant nature of manifestation - 

the expression of a cosmological imagination as infinitely inherent?

Boundaries portrait themselves as preparation for moving through and beyond, 

dissolving human illusion of separation from our

innate natural capacity of pure potentiality


Awaken to that which no longer serves the 

highest subtle frequencies of: 

Love as profound symmetry - 

Being interconnectedness and interdependence 

of all known and unknown  


The emergent symmetrical essences as the information of manifestation, 

are the fundamental building blocks of life

Embrace the mystery as your Presence in and of Consciousness