Being In Fertility

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Part 3: Residue

What has gotten in the way?

Within each cell of our body exists an innate intelligence.

This knowing mechanism is continually communicating

within and amongst all other cells. 

We know the matrix of life expresses itself

through the very code and strands of our DNA. 

We’ve also come to know that at any given moment,

this matrix is a malleable and pliable web with seemingly

infinite variations existing within a state of pure potentiality.

Masters of the ancient Eastern philosophies affirm that we are

largely not in charge of our multidimensional system but rather, we are IN it.

What does it mean to be IN body?

It is the embodiment not only the cumulativelevels

of the physical, but the more subtle and refined levels

of mind, thought, emotion and their innate and intrinsic energy. 

If we are not of body, but are in body, what does this mean

with regard to all conscious and unconscious

thoughts, beliefs, choices and values

 as they pertain to the state of our

health, wellbeing and vitality?

Is it possible to consider that the Self within our cells

contains the phenomena of physics that states,

for every action (however subtle or gross)

there exists an equal and or opposite reaction?

And if this is so, then perhaps we can look at,

bear witness to and understand our lives as a constant

and perpetual link of actions and reactions.

This can tell us that our patterns establish

the very fabric and emergence

of the potentiality for our cellular health.

  A fundamental contributing blueprint for the

health and well-being of our cells. 

Patterns containing energy of thought, movement, behavior

and emotion, as ripples in a lake, send vibrational waves

of information throughout the cells of our body.

Each experience and its thought, emotion and

reflective behavior leaves its trace in the

form of vibratory information.

A residue imprinted as cellular memory.  

As we establish the interconnectedness of our system within

our greater and expanded existence, we can begin to see how

these patterns, residues and cellular memories impact our

“Self/cells” in such a way that will either serve or inhibit

our larger scope of physical functioning, balance, and harmony. 

It is said, “The issues are in the tissues”!

Patterns in perpetual motion as the rings around a track,

carve their grooves deeper and deeper with each pass. 

And as the grooves get a little deeper, the dust settles a little thicker,

leaving a residue, distorting what is inherently intended

to exist as a transparent window into the knowledge of Self. 

Through the continuum of space and time,

 these patterns are left to become coarsely ingrained.

We become lulled into a sleepy habitual

unmindful and undiscerning state

by their very nature.

We possess the innate wisdom from the depths of our

intuition that there is somehow an essential vibrational

energetic quality which either resonates with the

Highest realm of pure potentiality or does not.

 Perhaps these perpetual

habits and patterns residing below our

awareness have become the very obstacles

which have gotten in the way of our health, vitality,

 intuition and natural capacity to fully embody and

harness the creative life force.

What if we could clear this path and

remove the residue which clouds our vision?

What would be required of us?

With a gentle yet committed heart,

we would have to turn our vision

inward and illuminate the pathways

drawing the mind within.

Perhaps we could direct our mind

with the precision of an arrow to

pierce through the cloudy veil of our patterns. 

Through our polished windows we could have greater vision

and access to the information that would serve our Highest potential.

We could harness the vibrational purpose and power of language

and words to speak directly to all aspects of our selves - to our cells!

We could reestablish this splendidly stunning informational

network as our most efficiently functioning holistic matrix

of our inherently life itself. 

This is our subconscious healing

intelligence and inherent wisdom.

It is always at work as an interconnected,

interdependent healing source,

 inextricable in any way.

We could blow away the dusty residue with our breath,

unlock and unleash the free coursing of Qi throughout our tissues,

 organs and the super highway of our brain and spinal cord. 

This too would require humility, grace and surrender to that

which bears fruit as a result of committed cultivation.