Being In Fertility

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Part 2: Reductionism, Missing Link, & Residue

Over time, what has lead us into the era of the missing link

pertaining to our overall health and wellness?

Our essential question!

What is this missing link?

 Through the development of western medical science,

a paradigm has been asserted and established whose

methodology and approach has sought to define the

nature of life by way of dissection into parts.

This belief is that we will understand the nature of life

by separating out into its various parts,

forms and functions as independent entities.

The western medicine approach has brought us innumerable gifts in the way of information, knowledge and discoveries leading to medications

which have virtually wiped out and/or greatly mitigated various diseases.

Western medicine has been the formulation of tools and technology that have saved countless lives as well as assisted in the creation of life itself.

Yet, with all of this information and vast technology,

  we are in such question as to why as a collective,

 we suffer from such disproportionate ill health.

And why is disease more pervasive than ever?

What is missing?

This calls me to look again within the paradigm of Western allopathic

medicine and address this idea and belief of independent, separate parts. 

If all of our parts are in fact independent, then we must ask independent from what?

Life itself? Creation? The whole? 

What if we have simply missed the mark and have mistaken

interdependence for independence?

 Scientists are now observing the phenomena that through

this continual reductionism and breaking down matter to its

smallest particle only to find that within this microscopic “part”

in fact exists all the necessary components of creation.

So while Western sciences are just beginning to fully comprehend

and understand through the scientific method, Eastern Medicine

and philosophy has been speaking of and held as a

Universal Truth for thousands of years. 

Eastern Medicine and philosophy holds its fundamental understandings

and approach of the body, the mind, nature, the universe and cosmos

as a seamless continuum of one wholeness or Oneness.

In fact, we cannot separate ourselves and our existence from this

Oneness/wholeness any more than the Earth could separate

its existence from the Sun and still survive as we know it. 

As the Eastern paradigm affirms so deeply,

interwoven within the very fabric of its philosophy is the sentiment: 

try as we may, we can never truly be separated from the whole. 

And this idea of separateness is the very veil of illusion which

keeps us from seeing, feeling, being, experiencing with the

utmost clarity the very depth and truth of who and what we are…

Wholeness, existing as a fundamental Truth of the natural law -

Could this be the missing link?  

This connection of body, Mind, spirit, vibration suggests

we are a glorious technological system beyond our levels

of full understanding within the scientific realm.

We are a manifestation of that which is unseen as vibratory energy

made manifest into form and function.

What we must come to reawaken to, and yes reawaken,

as it implies that this is something already in existence,

inherent within, yet somehow forgotten -

Reawaken to the power to access, conduct, restore and renew our vital energy.

This capability exists not on the external realm but on the deeply

internal, unconscious/higher conscious/intuitive realm of existence. 

While it may be unconscious for most of us the majority of the time,

that does not mean we cannot access and wield its power. 

At any given moment our mind (all acknowledged levels of unconscious, conscious, higher conscious and intuition), body, and each of our various parts and organs are responding reacting and functioning inherently as a well-tuned orchestration.

And when this is so, we call this homeostasis, balance, peace and harmony.

While we may hear this and somehow know deep within that this is true,

why than are we not living and experiencing life perfectly balanced,

perfectly harmonized. 

What has gotten in the way of our experience of this?