Being In Fertility

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Part 1: Being In Fertility


Calling out “infertility” as we

usher in the state of fertility! 

“Being In Fertility” 

 So many women, so many couples -

 “unexplained” infertility

  So much pain, grief, betrayal of the body. 

Transforming the limited perception and perspective of fertility.

 May a space exist acknowledging the 


   No physiological findings - 

May we examine a deeper more 

fundamentally subtle-realm blockage? 

Obstacles within a non-physical realm?


Bao Mai channel

Profound subtle communication 

existing between Heart and Womb.

 Combined affect so stunningly greater than the mere sum of parts!

Stimulate and arouse this precious life-force 

 from its dampened, latent state.


 Creative and expansive self expression as a mindset in fulfilling this role. 

- there exists an essential calling within Humanity,

 reclaiming our collective feminine aspect.

 Restore balance in remembering 

intrinsic interconnectedness and interdependence

within all of Nature as a seemingly 

incomprehensible, harmonic symmetry. 

  Awaken our beautifully radiant axis of pineal gland! 

   Heart / Uterus - 

exquisite communication pathway of


Tapping into the seat / seed of our creative life force.  

 Examining how we define ourselves as identity 

 from our vantage point of Fertility.        

 Given our current, most advanced technology in and of 

collective intellect, philosophy, principles and conscience - 

… the question of “creating” life outside our vessel as a human body:

to what degree a precarious domain?