From Grief to Relief - A Passage Into Heart

Can you imagine a world where humans react and respond by way of an emotional intelligence of the heart rather than programmed fears?


Are you succeeding in managing your time and energy? Or are time and your life’s circumstances managing you?

Do you find it difficult to feel restful and at peace?

Are you feeling the demands of leading an overly busy mundane life?  

Are you challenged with less than optimal physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health as an outgrowth of undesired stress? 


Within From Grief To Relief - A Passage Into Heart -

Cultivate experiencing peace and serenity borne out of shifting your awareness, journeying into the infinitely serene and peaceful space within your heart.

Come to "see" as "feeling" that love, compassion, and depths of insight exists within the intelligence of the heart.

Explore realms of the “ego” mind always desiring to be "in charge" with all its programmed thoughts and beliefs. 

Develop practices toward mastering the habits of letting go of self defeating thought. Separating out life's circumstances and definitions from an essence that is "you", hence shifting into a practice of inner stillness. From this, learn of allowing heart inspired living.

Live as "Being" rather than "doing".


There are two interconnected elements to the purpose and passion of From Grief To Relief - A Passage Into Heart as the ongoing development, creation and distribution of uniquely designed informational content.

First is its focus directed toward moving people into understandings of how the many forms of grief are playing out within our lives.

Second is awakening one’s emotional intelligence which we have named, A Passage Into Heart.

Spanning an intimately supportive to a graduated informational platform, our wide array of content encompasses light-hearted and entertaining to gradually expanded complexity. Our intent is to inspire participants to see that we can all achieve depths of moving further and further into the realm of our heart as wisdom, compassion and self nurturing creativity. All is presented by way of mini ebooks, audiophile quality mp3 spoken word and music, individual consults and various style seminars.

A Passage Into Heart enters into a simple practice of cultivating a sensitivity and awareness within heart intelligence, the source of our compassion and attentiveness.